Title Morganica

The professor was sure he had it. The answer to creating artificial life! His terrible creature should be alive, but somehow it wasn't moving.
"It's horrible! I'm an idiot! I wasted my time on this forsaken creature! I'll never work for the army again, damn them! Damn their robot! Damn their doomsday plans!" he shouted.
While he was furiously looking for faults in the control panel of the droid, he didn't notice the flicker in the red eyes of the android behind him. First thoughts flowed into its intricate circuits. Slowly the creature moved its hand. The electronic brain of the creature began to speed up and questions formed in its metal brain.
"What is all this? What is this small being before me? Why is it moving so quickly? Why is it so loud? Can I make it stop?"

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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