Title The Furblegutter (stolidus subsido piscis piscis)

Probably the dumbest fish ever to have inhabited the ocean. The locals of the fiji islands called the Furblegutter "stupid sinking fish" in
their native language. Its lifecycle was extremely short. Once the male fish hit maturity they started collecting pearls to impress the
females of the species.
With its long and versatile tongue it attached the pearls to its forehead. In its blind collecting rage the Furblegutter never stopped to
consider the weight the pearls added to its forehead, making it an unstable swimmer. Most mature males died within a few weeks by
simply sinking to the bottom of the ocean because of the heavy load of the pearls. Since females of the species tended to mate with
the most heavely loaded males, the stupid habit of the sinking pearl finders was actually reinforced through reproduction.
Soon the newer generation fish began collecting pearls before they reached maturity. It is widely accepted among marine biologists
that the Furblegutter became extinct really, really fast.

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