Title The Lemmy (Lemur Madidus Visio)

The Lemmy is found in the Highlands of ireland. The most remarkable feature of the Lemmy is its manner of self defense. When it is chased by a predator, it will wait for a unexpected moment in the chase, bend over and stick it's hind legs in the air revealing a face-like feature on its underbelly. This menacing "face" on its belly is complemented by its huge tail giving it a look not unsimilar to a somewhat drunken rockstar. On its underbelly the Lemmy evolved two light area's with dark spots on its skin, resembling two wide open eyes.
While in this pose, the Lemmy furiously waves its hind legs and its fake head. This threathening pose, called the "Lemmy face", is most effective in scaring off all chasing predators. For more curious predators the Lemmy has a second detterent. In a final act of indignity the Lemmy slightly lifts its tail and sprays the predator with it's feacies.
The Lemmy is a very curious creature. When one is chased, nearby Lemmies are often seen watching the chase from afar. They seem most amused when the predator is scared by the Lemmy face and moreso when the predator is chased of by a hail of little nuggets of shit. But it must be know, that although the Lemmy may seem scary, it is harmless. It has no real defenses, and once the predators catch on, it will surely mean the end of this akward creature.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
About Made for Creature of the Week @ A really fun concept to work on. And it has got some frontal nudity in there woohoo!