Title From the Diary of Lady Corvus
"August 21st, 1913

I was horrified! I was woken by a cold wind. I noticed my balcony doors were open. As my vision started to adapt to the darkness, I could see an outline of a creature hunched over my dresser table. At first I thought it might be the ghost of my husband who had passed away. My hearts stopped when I saw the outline of a birds head where it's face ought to be. My senses could not face this abomination and I screamed my lunges out. Startled by my scream the strange beast ran to the door. It had the walk of a human. Yet I could hear it's feathers rustle as it dove from my balcony, flying away into the night. After I calmed down I lighted a candle. My precious jewelry boxes were opened, and I was missing my most valued pearl necklace. The strange being wasn't a monster out to take my life. It was but a mere thief!"

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
About Made for Character of the Week @ This was my entry for the CHOW 37 - Thief - Human/animal mix. I like to try out different styles to see where it takes me. This one was inspired by the vampire tutorial by Carlos Cabrera. Be sure to check out his site. He make some kick-ass stuff. He was so kind to put a few video's of his work, and you can probably pick up a technique or two from them. Anyway, I think this image might have turned out a bit too dark. On my lcd it looks fine, but it's a lot darker on other screens.