Title MagnaThorax, Secret of the Bermuda Triangle
"Sir, this is Major Brickle. I'm in a f-18 fighter plane over the crisis area. It seems our information was right sir. We finally
found the thing that caused all the strange accidents in the Bermuda triangle. Actually it's not just one thing, it's probably
a whole new species. We've encountered one and are currently attacking it with all we've got. The creature appears larger
then we initially expected. I tried hitting it with my rockets, but I think I only pissed it off. It seems this creature is extremely
territorial. Ever since we've entered the triangle we are under constant attack from this enormous beast. I fear our carrier is
under severe danger. Nuking the creature might be the only option, thought I doubt we can take it down once the creature
is under water. I spotted several other of these worm like creatures in this neighborhood. Our scientist onboard the carrier have
sent you some info concerning the size of this animal. They based their data on the observations they were able to make
during our attack. That thing is unlike anything we've ever seen before.

It might not be safe for our aircraft sir. These animals, if one can call those things animals, have an enormous reach. I could
only barely pull up to avoid a collision. I don't think the slower bombers will be able to do the same... What do you mean they're
allready in the area? Sir! You must be joking, those planes are in danger! We gotta pull back! Pull back!
This secret of the Bermuda triangle is too big for us mr. President!"

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
About Made for Creature of the Week @ Entry for COW #57 - Secret of the Bermuda triangle. Another one I had a lot of fun doing. Its really great to try to convey a sense of scale and depth in a picture. Still have lot to learn about those things. The creature was so huge I had to put up a high-resolution version.