Title Magmaglobber (Vulcanis Oryx Maximus)
The Magmaglobbers live in small groups near vulcanic areas. They feeds of the warmth of the surroundings to keep their high temperature body near to boiling point.
The Magmablobber start their life with just a hump and a small bump on their head. During it's adolescent period the little mountains on back of the male creatures grow, and their mood worsens. When, with age, their mood is at their worst, their top is litterally blown, introducing them to maturity. The adult males are recognizeable by the craters on their head and back. Because of their bad temper they will regulary explode when agitated and spew lava. With each eruption the lava settles on the edges of the crater and creates a bigger hump. The bigger the hump and crater, the greater the stature of the male in the groups.
Their explosive battles for leadership are a display of spewing lava and burned skin. The magmaglobbers have a very thick skin that is nearly fire resistent. During battle they are usually severly burned and often need weeks to recover. Eventually the alpha male will become too heavy or weak to carry the load of the hump and a younger, stronger male will usually kill him to become the new leader of the group.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
About Made for Creature of the Week @ I made a step by step of this one, you can see it here.