Title Sombrazul (puteulanus phasmatis ingredior)

These majestic beasts roam the little creeks that surround the amazone river deep inside the rainforests of Brazil. They are extremely shy and have rarely been encounterd by human. The native indians of the area regard them as direct descendants from god, and worship them by bringing them offers. Theyre name stems from the portuguese translation for blue shadow. Because of their shy nature people only see a blue shadow moving through the woods. They are also called blue spirit or blue ghost by the natives.

The Sombrazul feeds mainly on fish and prefers to live close to small creeks. They use their long limbs to wade through the undeep waters and hunt for fish. The Sombrazuls have no natural enemies. Their skin is covered with a highly poisonous slimy coating that protects them from harm. Their brightly colored skin is a warning for predators and these colors are also used in the mating rituals. The skin that hangs between their long legs is their main tool in attracting a mate. The Sombrazul with the most flamboyant skin decoration will be most succesfull in reproduction.

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