Title The Arrakthura

The Arrakthura was bred by biological engineers as a future weapon for the army. It is a selfcontained walking, thinking and most of all, energy ball shooting weapon. The arrakthura can be ridden by man, even if it purely for directional purposes. Once the Arrakthura has locked onto its target the human rider had little to no influence on the walking weapon. Best bet is to get of as soon as possible because the Arrakthure tends to jump right into the heat of a battle. Since its shielding and other parts heal very quickly and because it was engineered to feel no pain the Arrakthura is considered one of the worst foes to meet on the battlefield. The bioframe is enhanced by some mechanical parts. The eyes are fitted with all kinds of extra sensory machines allow it to see in the dark and sense heat. It also has a digital aiming view mounted on its nose/barrel for long distance aiming. The Arrakthura rarely uses this, it prefers to get close on the target and blast away.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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