Title Gumball (Bardus Luteolus Avis Globus)

Mostly useless. That's probably the best description for the Mugball. Every once in a while these yellow furry ball-like creatures fall from the sky. How they got up there or why they fall down, no-one knows. Mugballs can't fly, though on their way down they flap their little wings like a madman on fire. They are fairly rigid and survive the landing with no problems whatsoever. Since the body of the Mugball is way too heavy for its legs it can't walk and simply sits around until it dies. The Mugball don't seem to be bothered about starving and make no effort at all to gather food or look for shelter. They usually die within a few weeks.

Worried animal activists tried feeding them, and the Mugballs happily ate all the food that was presented to them. Even when well fed and taken care of, the Gumball remained totally inert and the animal lovers gave up after a while.

People tried eating them. The taste of Mugball meat was compared to eating a three week old sock that has been thoroughly worn. People tried using their fur for various purposes, but when the Mugball dies it loses its hair almost instantly. All in all the Mugballs remain quite the mistery, and whenever they fall from the sky, people quietly ignore them and hope they go away.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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