Title Tingifissi ( Piscis Piscis Puteo Celer)

The Tingifissi is a creature that is very rarely seen. Very little is known about this beautiful yet mysterious sea animal. It is believed that it is one of the fastest creatures in the sea, though there are no definitive records to prove it. Marine biologists suspect that the Tingifissi uses an almost jet like propulsion system to achieve these high speeds. They also believe the creature uses it's huge dorsal fin mostly for stabilizing purposes. The Tingifissi's habitat is near the carribean, and it is believed the creature has a preference for clear water. On very rare occasions the Tingifissi are spotted skidding across the water, chasing eachother at breakneck speeds. From a distance they are often confused with jetski's. The world is waiting until one of this magnificient beasts can be more thoroughly studied.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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