Title Hairy Crab (Percnon Pilosus)

This distant relative of the horseshoe crab has some strange habits. In the summertime it buries itself in a muddy patch. In the winter, when temperatures drop far below the freezing point, it springs to live like a flower opening in the sunshine. For the short time that the temperature falls below -15 degrees celsius, the Hairy crab needs to find a mate. For -15 degrees is the optimal temperature for Hairy crabs to mate.

The mating ritual of the hairy crabs is one of its strangest habits. When the temperature is right, the Hairy crabs gather on frozen ponds. The males of the species start what is known as the snowflake dance. The snowflake dance consist of a lot of twirling around and kicking up snowflakes with it's hairy paws. This dance is mainly to impress the female hairy crabs that
stand on the side and look at the dancers. The most graceful dancer is chosen by the females as the male of choice. The other males will be without a mate that year. Sadly, the winning dancer will not survive the chain of matings and die after all the females are impregnated. During the course of their evolution the Hairy Crab has evolved into one of the most graceful dancers in the crusteceans kingdom.

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