Title Spline Squid (Loligo Spinalis)

The Spline Squid is leads a very secluded existence. They are creatures without a life force of their own, and are only capable of travelling very small distances. Some would go so far as to claim they are never really alive. They prey upon freshly deceased arctic creatures. They take over the host body and form a symbiose with the dead carcass. Spinal Squid have tentacles that grow into the dead body like roots of a tree. With these tentacles they make tiny electric currents to control the rotting muscles. The spinal squids slowly drain the last bits of energy that are left in the decaying bodies. When they have used it all up, they look for a new host to infest. The favorite prey of the undead squid is the polar bear. They prefer to travel with this prey in an upright fashion, making them almost human like in their motion. Some believe that this is the real reason of the many Yeti sightings.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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