Title Gargantuon (Saura Emmanis)

This enormous member of the lizard family is one of the most inactive reptile species. Its most distinctive feature is its huge size. The Gargantuon can sleep for centuries, while gathering enough body heat for a short period of activity and mating. During its "hibernation" period it sleeps floating in the sea. During its centuries long sleep lifeforms attach to its back and thrive there, giving the Gargantuon island like features. Meanwhile the Gargantuon gains food from the surrounding water by absorbing it through it's huge pores. It breathes using the tubes on his back. These tubes are also used to expell the excrements from its body. These excrements light up when exposed to oxygen, and thus create the effect of a huge lightbeacon. The Gargantuons are therefore often mistaken for buoys by sailors. In a bid to end this confusion, most Gargantuons have been wiped out. And only a few are believed to remain, but they are hard to find.

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