Title Scavenging RatSloth (Rattus Rattus Bradypus)

This distant cousin of the sloth was known as one of the most ugly creatures in the animal kingdom. It was fiercely prosecuted throughout its existence and it is now believed to be extinct. The Scavenging Ratmole has a hairless head with long neck, enabling him to get to those hard to reach intestens with the greatest of ease. The ratmole is quite large, roughly the size of a big pig.
Because of its slightly humanoid facial features it was in old times believed to be a failed version of a human. That its haunced way of moving about looked like a person walking on hands and knees strengthened these beliefs. It has caused many nightmares among the superstitious and though it is mostly harmless, it is among the most feared animals.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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