Title Three Eyed Booshick (Nefas Rana)

The Three Eyed Booshick is an enigma to modern biologists. On many occasions these men of science have tried to unravel the Booshick heritage as well as its biologic make-up. Up till now many brave men have tried and failed to retrieve a specimen of the Booshick.

Only one rare research rapport has been found in New Mexico, USA. These very unique studies of the Booshick have revealed its ability to bend the fabric of time itself. These rapports also state that the Booshick has an incredible bad physique. To compensate for this however, the Booshick will bend time in order to succesfully hunt prey. This unique ability is also the reason why the Booshick has no natural enemies and is so succesfull at eluding its stalkers. The time bending mechanism utilised by the Booshick is believed to be a sort of gravity accelerating bubble on its back. When the Booshick is actively bending time, this 'time bubble' will grow and particles will accelerate around a glowing core, slowing time on a very local scale. Since most of the theories of the 'time bubble' consist mostly of silly variations on general relativity theories, any hope of new insights into spacetime has been abondoned in those reports.

Conspiratists believe the Booshick are a sign that we are indeed ruled by aliens and that the Booshick are their escaped pets.

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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