Title Dommarcux (Locutus Genraamus)

The Dommarcux was perhaps the most favorite animal of dungeon keepers. Dungeon keepers developed many ways to clean their dungeons after battles. They discovered that the most effective way was to domesticate a wild Dommarcux. The dungeon keeper had to lure a Dommarcux away from its horde and capture it. Usually the Dommarcux would be kept in a cell at the end of the dungeon. When a cleansing of the dungeon was needed at the end of one fierce battle or another, all the dungeon keeper had to do was to open the doors to the Dommarcux cell. The Dommarcux would gobble up all remaining body parts, and lick up the blood stains with its long tongue. The Dommarcux was not a stupid animal and was well aware of the deal and most of the time happily retreated to the cell after the meal to await the next battle. Many dungeonkeepers gave their pets female names. This particular Dommarcux was called "Anya".

Tools Photoshop, Wacom
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